Do we deliver to you?

  Check the delivery map below to find out!

*Delivery accommodations can likely be made, it's always best to contact us for personalized assitance*

Zone Boundaries

Zone 1

  • 3rd Avenue to Prospect park

    • Washington Ave. on the North

    • 11th Avenue on the South

  • 20th Street to Atlantic Avenue

Zone 3 ($20)

  • Division and Broadway on the North

  • Flatlands, Ave N and 60th St on the South

  • NYC Harbor on the West

  • Malcom X and Utica on the East

Zone 2

  • Livingston and Dekalb on the North

  • 45th St. and Ditmas Ave on the South

  • Henry St, the BQE and 3rd Ave on the West

  • New York and Marcy Ave on the East

Zone 4 ($35)

  • Metropolitan and Newtown Creek on the North

  • 86th St and Ave U on the South

  • NYC Harbor on the West

  • Ralph, Flatlands,Rockaway,Cooper and Forest on the East


ZONE 5 ($45)

  • Lower Manhattan (beneath 14th St.)

*Deliveries to lower manhattan are drop-off only, due to parking restrictions. Please be ready to receive delivery outside or at the door of your building.



Please keep in mind that our free delivery and setup service is done at the request of the customer and due to many variables involved in the delivery of our trees, that the delivery time and date cannot be guaranteed. We try our best to limit the amount of deliveries we accept on the weekends due to the higher volume of customers and will sometimes have to defer your delivery to a weekday because of this. We are hoping our new delivery zone system will help spread out the amount of deliveries preformed on Saturdays and Sundays while also cutting travel time and allowing more total deliveries on these days. If there is a delay in deliveries we will try our best to call you and give you a heads up; otherwise, you can select a different delivery period by giving us a call or, come to the stand and pick up your tree if you need it sooner than our next available delivery period.

Zone 1: Green

Weekend Delivery limits

Due to the high volume of delivery requests we recieve at our stand on the weekends we have had to separate our normal delivery range into two zones.

Those looking for deliveries on the weekend must live within this range and purchase the tree in-person.

Zone 2: Blue

Weekday Delivery Limits

If you live inside this zone we can deliver to you! If you visit the stand on the weekend, we will find a weekday that works best for you!

Zone 3 & 4: Blue

Weekday Delivery Limits

Further deliveries that can be accommodated pending our service schedule. These areas are subject to a delivery fee either paid online upon checkout or in cash upon delivery. 

Waiting on a delivery?

We are most likely experiencing a delay in our delivery operation. This can be caused by vehicle malfunction, backup from previous deliveries or overwhelming quantity of deliveries. We will be able to deliver your tree today; unfortunately, it will likely be outside your requested delivery period. If you are not available after your requested delivery period or have any other concerns please call us.