The First Day

  • 1 gallon of hot tap-water and 3 tablespoons of sugar
    • Our trees are shipped and stored in cold conditions natural to their winter habitat in Quebec, this gives them their coloring and preserves freshness. 
    • To combat the "shock" cold trees experience due to the drastic change in warm homes, we highly recommend hot water to acclimate the trees to these conditions.
    • The hot water will dissolve the sugar which acts as a nutrient for the tree and helps enhance the Fraser scent.
    • The hot water also helps open the pores at the bottom of the tree allowing it to soak in as much water as it can in the following weeks.


  • Continue to fill the stand with cold or room-temperature water.
    • No more sugar!

  • The tree will drink a lot of water within the first week so make sure you check the tree stand at least once a day.

  • After a week of being in your home, the tree will gradually take less and less water. You will only need to check every 3 or 4 days at this point.

  • When refilling your tree stand with water, let the water level rest about 2 inches from the top ring to avoid spillage.



  • The dry heat from radiators is the worst enemy to the health of your Christmas tree.
    • Do not put your tree near any radiators or heating vents.
    • If your tree is in a noticeably hot and/or dry area, we recommend using a humidifier.
      • Tip: If you don't have a humidifier handy, place a pot of cold water on top of the room's heat source.
  • Avoid large electronics like televisions or home computers as they emit a low continuous heat that will dry out a tree

After the Holiday

  • With proper care, your Fraser can easily maintain its' needles through the month of January.
  • Many people opt for special tree-garbage bags placed under the stand to avoid needle fall when it comes time to get your Christmas tree out of the house.
  • We recommend taking your tree to one of many locations that participate in Mulchfest. You have until January 16th to let the City handle your tree disposal. You can also bring your tree to a "chipping location" and get a bag of mulch made from your Fraser.